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The Pink Lip

Nothing says spring like a new pink lip colour—and there were tonnes to choose from on the spring runways, from New York to Milan and everywhere in between. But nailing a trend isn’t about being a catwalk copycat. You need to own it by tweaking the trend to suit your personal style. During New York fashion week, we gave three style experts a studio with a view, a makeup table full of Clinique pinks, and free reign to make the trend totally their own. Here’s what happened.

For Sunina Young, having a healthy lifestyle is just as important as having a healthy complexion. This New York-based fitness instuctor and health and wellness blogger is a self-professed skin care junkie. 

Her style: Naturally pretty. Most days, you’ll find Sunina in chic workout wear as she bustles all over Manhattan teaching butt-kicking workouts and helping her students get their Om on. Her blog champions inner beauty and her holistic mind, body, beauty philosophy. “Makeup doesn’t have to be serious! I think it should be fun and about accentuating what I already have. I also believe in taking care of myself, and makeup is a part of that,” says Sunina. The secret to her glow? Yoga Glow, where she combines meditative yoga with a glow-boosting “spa-vasana” facial.

Her take on the pink lip look: A rose shade of pink topped with a super-hydrating lip balm is the perfect complement to her post-workout glow.  “This pink is fun and flirty without being over-the-top,” says Sunina.

Get the look: Sunina combined lip liner for lasting colour with lip balm for a shot of moisture and subtle sheen. Prep lips with an exfoliating sugar scrub. Tissue off, and fill in lips with lip liner, blending well for a full wash of colour. Top with tinted lip balm. Keep the rest of your look fresh-faced with rosy cheeks, a flick of black eyeliner, and vanilla eye shadow. Sunina used Quickliner for Lips Intense in Intense Punch, Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm in Sweet Rose, Cheek Pop in Berry Pop, Clinique Skinny Stick in Slimming Black, and Lid Pop in Vanilla Pop.

On her namesake blog, Angel Lenise dives deep into her favourite topics, including hip-hop, fashion, and culture. If that weren't enough, she's also a video producer, journalist, and discerning fashionista. 

Her style: Minimalist Chic. She may hail from Texas, but you definitely won’t find any cowboy boots in her closet. “I love sleek clothing in shades of beige, blush, and rose. Monochrome dressing is the best way to always feel put-together without having to put in any effort!” says Angel. Her penchant for neutrals extends into her go-to makeup looks, too. “I'm obsessed with nude lips. I probably have every nude lipstick under the sun.” On her blog, Angel’s love of storytelling, hard-hitting journalism, and jaw-dropping fashion all come together. “My passion is bringing depth and an intellectual voice to the fashion space. I'm interested in the stories behind brands, so I try to highlight the business and process behind these creative dream jobs.”

Her take on the pink lip look: Angel jumped outside her neutral territory and went for a bold shade of fuchsia with a high-shine lacquer finish. It’s is the exclamation point to her minimalist-leaning fashion.

Get the look: Angel went high-impact with layers of bright colour. Line and fill lips with lip liner in a shade that matches your lipstick. The lip liner acts as a base to help this look last and last. It’s also back-up for when your lipstick inevitably wears off. Next, apply lipstick, and finish with multiple coats of a high-shine lip lacquer—layers of juicy colour add dimension. Keep the rest of your look polished and chic with matte skin, tightly lined eyes, and perfectly groomed brows. Angel used Quickliner for Lips Intense in Intense Cosmo, Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Punch Pop, and Clinique Pop Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer in Go-Go Pop. She used Blended Face Powder and Brush for flawless skin. For her eyes, she applied Lid Pop in Cocoa Pop and Quickliner for Eyes in Roast Coffee.

Andrea Maria is a globetrotter, fashion writer, and hair colour chameleon. Her blog, Dear Milano, is where she writes about all things fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle and is one of the top fashion blogs in Mexico.

Her style: Ladylike with a twist. Take one look at her blog, and you’ll quickly see that Andrea has an unabashed love of vibrant hues. Having grown up in Mexico City and studied fashion design in Milan, it makes perfect sense that she favours all things Technicolour. “When I travel, I see all these crazy inspiring colours and people and food. Then I go back to New York, and I love New York, but everyone is wearing black and white! And I just want to wear colours!” says Andrea. She’s known for mixing patterns like the true street style darling she is and switching up her hair colour as often as some people change up their nail polish. Her signature beauty look? Glitter eyeliner.

Her take on the pink lip look: With style this bold, it's no surprise that Andrea chose a bubblegum pink lip—it’s a neutral that packs a punch. And a matte finish lets the colour ring true. “I love this colour because it’s bright but at the same time it’s something you can wear every day,” says Andrea.

Get the look: For a matte finish like Andrea’s, first line and fill lips with lip liner, and blend well. A touch of matching sheer lip colour applied just at the centre of lips adds fullness. Shades of brown play well with pink, so to complete the look, Andrea dusted her cheeks with shimmery bronzer for a back-from-vacation glow and lined her eyes with a soft shade of brown. Andrea chose Quickliner for Lips Intense in Intense Hibiscus, Clinique Pop Lip Glaze Sheer Lip Colour + Primer in Bubblegum Pop, True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer in Sunkissed, and Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Intense Chocolate.

Photos: Ondrea Barbe | Words: Hilary Presley | Hair: Matthew Monzon | Makeup: Bill Westmoreland 

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